What is an IBAN Number?

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What is an IBAN number? An infographic of IBAN for Rutland FX

What is an IBAN Number?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It is a code which is usually up to 34 characters in length that are used for cross border payments. The different characters that make up the IBAN represent the country code, check digits, bank code, branch code and bank account number.

Where can I Find The IBAN Number?

An IBAN is required for cross border payments you will need to request it from the person you are trying to remit funds to. Usually this can be found on a bank statement, if not you can request it from the relevant financial institution. Rutland FX will always provide you with our IBAN number via the transaction receipt after booking a trade.

How can I Validate an IBAN Number?

Rutland FX can validate your IBAN and SWIFT codes through the online platform or by contacting your account manager. On the platform you will see a tick if it is validated correctly or a cross if the IBAN has an error when adding a new Beneficiary.

Sending Money Abroad?

If you or your business has a requirement to send money abroad Rutland FX can help you. We offer better exchange rates, same day transfers and no fees.

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