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What is an ABA Routing Number?

June 18, 2024July 15th, 2024No Comments
Mariel Rhetta
Content Strategist at Rutland FX
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When you’re making a payment to a bank in the USA, you’ll likely encounter the term “ABA number.” But what exactly is an ABA number, and why is it important? Whether you’re transferring funds, paying bills, or setting up direct deposits, knowing how ABA numbers function can save you time and prevent potential errors. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

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What is an ABA Number?

An ABA number, also known as a routing number, is a nine-digit code that identifies banks in the United States. ABA stands for American Bankers Association, a trade association founded in 1875 to represent the interests of the banking industry in the US. This organisation developed the ABA number system to facilitate the smooth processing of financial transactions. The ABA number ensures that your money gets to the right bank when you’re transferring funds, paying bills, or making direct deposits.

An ABA routing number is often referred to as simply a routing number or a US routing number. Some banks and financial institutions may recognise the code as a bank routing number or a Routing Transit Number (RTN).

Where Can You Find an ABA Number?

Finding the ABA number you need can be straightforward:

  • Checkbook: If you have a checkbook from the recipient’s bank, the ABA number will usually be found in the bottom left corner of the checks.
  • Bank’s Website: Many banks list their ABA numbers on their websites, particularly in sections related to direct deposits or ACH transfers.
  • Online Banking: If the recipient uses online banking, they can log in to find the ABA number listed with their account details.
  • Bank Statements and Invoices: The ABA number might be mentioned on the recipient’s bank statement or the supplier’s invoice. If it’s not, you can always ask the supplier directly for this information.

Mentioning ABA Numbers on Statements and Invoices

You can find the ABA number on the recipient’s bank statement or the supplier’s invoice. If you don’t see it there, don’t hesitate to request it from the supplier. This number is crucial for ensuring that your payment is processed correctly.

SWIFT/BIC as an Alternative

If you’re using Rutland FX and you don’t have the ABA number, you have another option. You can use the SWIFT/BIC code instead together with the account number. A SWIFT/BIC code is an international bank code that identifies particular banks worldwide. If the recipient’s account supports SWIFT payments and has a SWIFT code, you can use this code to make your payment.


ABA numbers are required for making payments toi USA go smoothly. Always double-check to make sure you have the correct number, and if you’re unsure, ask for clarification. Whether ou find it on a check, a bank statement, or by asking the supplier, having the correct ABA number ensures your funds reach their destination without any hiccups.

And remember, if you’re using services like Rutland FX and don’t have the ABA number, a SWIFT/BIC code is a reliable alternative, provided the recipient’s account supports it.

Making payments doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little bit of knowledge and the right information, you can handle your financial transactions with confidence.

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