Spot FX

Book currency for delivery and choose to pay same day, next day or in three business at a competitive exchange rate and no fees. Once you have booked in a Spot transaction your exchange rate will be guaranteed and will no longer be subject change. You will have an obligation to settle for the transaction on the agreed date.

Spot FX FAQs

How can I book a Spot Trade?

You can book transactions online with your log in details, over the phone by calling the dealing team or e-mailing us.

Is there a fee for a Spot Trade?

No Rutland FX does not charge any fees.

What exchange rate will I get?

Rutland FX offers a volume dependant quote based on where the interbank rate is at the time of the transaction, to request a quote click here.

Is my rate guaranteed after the transaction is booked?

Yes once you book a transaction online, over the phone or via e-mail you exchange rate is locked in.